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The Homes That We Deserve

Calitec Hot Water Systems supports a new initiative The Homes We Deserve which was recently launched. It was born out of a belief that all New Zealanders deserve to live in a warm, dry, healthy home.

The Homes We Deserve is a large and unprecedented new alliance of business, health, sustainability, environmental, consumer, building and housing organisations calling on every political party to promise now that, if part of the next government, they will have within six months of being elected a fully funded ambitious plan to roll out a pollution-busting home reno programme for at least 200,000 homes within nine years which will:

  • Slash carbon emissions and household bills, for example with energy efficient heat pump water heating

  • Improve the health of thousands of New Zealanders, young and old

  • Create tens of thousands of jobs

To find out more, and to join the call, check out the website

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