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Drawings, manuals and installation info

The installation of a Calitec Hot Water System is only allowed by qualified tradesmen. It must be installed according to New Zealand building codes and local regulations.

It is important you do not install the unit by yourself, unless you are a suitably qualified. Installation by an unqualified person could result in injury, due to fire or electric shock, and incorrect installation can also void the warranty. 


The good news is that Calitec hot water systems are a set-and-forget system with very little maintenance. Once your installer(s) are finished there is very little you have to do.

Refrigerant Cycle System KP-50

Water Heater WH-70

Manual and drawings will follow soon. Contact us for more information.

Calitec heat pump hot water system model KP-50 300 litres

KP-50 300 Litres

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