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Calitec Hydronic Home Heating/Cooling System

Calitec Hydronic Home System - outdoor inverter compressor unit and indoor unit

The Hydronic Home System offers a single system to heat and cool your entire home, as well as heating your hot water. This compact and complete system has been developed using the latest in heat pump technology to make home heating more energy-efficient and affordable.

The Hydronic Home System can be directly connected to your radiator, underfloor or fan coil circuit, or any combination of these. Developed using the highest quality parts and materials available, your Hydronic Home System is easy to install and comes with a full warranty on all parts, ensuring it is a long lasting and sustainable solution for your home.

Photo: Outdoor Inverter Compressor Unit & Indoor Unit

How does it work?

Our system is a split system, with an outdoor inverter compressor unit connected by refrigerant pipes to the indoor unit. The ambient energy (either heat or cold) is collected in the outdoor unit and transferred by the refrigerant to the indoor unit. The energy is then transferred from the indoor unit to the water in the heat exchanger. This water flows through a coil in the hot water cylinder to heat your hot water or circulates through the buffer tank to heat or cool your home. 

Drawing Calitec Hydronic Home System

The built-in buffer vat helps to equalise the energy needs and the water flow speed differences between the heat exchanger and your heating/cooling circuit to ensure the inverter heat pump runs at a smoother speed for optimal energy savings. The expansion vat tempers the water pressure differences in your home heating/cooling circuit. With all the circulation pumps already built in, you can connect your heating/cooling circuit directly to the indoor unit.

What makes the Calitec Hydronic Home Inverter System unique? 

Our system has a complete set-up. The buffer vat, expansion vat and circulation pump(s) are all part of the indoor unit. With this system already built-in, insulated and tested, you can save significantly on installation costs with your plumbers and electricians.

We also use the best parts and materials available, specific for New Zealand conditions, so our systems are built to last. The lifetime of such outdoor units is usually affected by rust so we use solid stainless steel casings to significantly extend the lifetime. 

The hot water cylinders come with a 20 year warranty and our heat pumps carry a 5 years warranty.

Inside of Calitec indoor unit

Photo: Insight of Indoor Unit

Heating and Cooling Circuit

Our indoor unit has a built-in circulation pump so your installer can connect it directly to your desired hydronic circuit. If you are using a radiator system, keep in mind the maximum water temperature of the heat pump is 55° celsius.

We have two system sizes available - 13 kW and 16 kW - or we can customise the size to suit your needs (we recommend asking your installer what size you need).

Hydronic circuit

Photo: Hydronic Circuit - radiator and underfloor heating

Currently we are only supplying the Hydronic Home System but in the near future we will also stock radiator, underfloor and fan coil system parts.

Hot Water Heating 

With a system of 13 kW, the 300 litre hot water cylinder will be fully heated from 10 to 55 degrees in 1-1 ¼ hours and the 16 kW system will heat the 300 litre cylinder in just 1 hour.

Because of the heat transfer from refrigerant gas to circulation water to potable water, we can only heat the water to 55, or up to 58 degrees with the heat pump. Once a week the sanitation function in the heat pump controller powers the back-up heater to heat the hot water cylinder to 60 degrees, to avoid legionella growth and to comply with regulations.


The inner cylinder of the hot water cylinder is made out of Duplex stainless steel (2205 - marine grade) and comes with a 20 year warranty. The skin of the hot water cylinder is made of 304 stainless steel, just like the case of the outdoor unit. 

Technical specifications

Indoor unit size: 
Outdoor unit size:

Single phase / 220-240 V
600mm W x 710mm D x 1100mm-plus 90mm feet H
13 kW : 990mm W x 407mm D x 1250mm H

Anchor price list


13 kW system –
outdoor and indoor unit

Contact us for pricing

16 kW system –
outdoor and indoor unit

300 litre
hot water cylinder

Contact us for pricing

Contact us for pricing

Committed to innovation  

Calitec is a proudly New Zealand owned and operated company, based in Whangarei, Northland. We are passionate about the sustainable energy efficiencies of heat pump technology and are excited to be able to offer this new system to homes across New Zealand.

The installation of our systems and cylinders must be undertaken by qualified tradesmen, in accordance with New Zealand building codes and local regulations. You’re welcome to use your own installers, contact us directly for advice, or contact one of our dealers/installers to manage your installation.

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