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Calitec Water Heater WH-70

Energy efficient water heater by water circulation

Available from mid June 2024

Note: this webpage is still under construction.

Designed in New Zealand for family homes, the Calitec Mono Block WH-70 boasts high heating capacity, resulting in faster recovery times. Made with the best available parts and materials to withstand the harsh NZ environment, this future-proof system utilizes R290 refrigerant and is PV solar smart inverter ready. Plus, it's capable of heating two separate cylinders!

Whether you are replacing an existing water heating system, building a new home or just researching your options, we are happy to help. A Calitec hot water heat pump system could be the perfect solution.

Calitec Hot Water Cylinder

Connect to a Hot Water Cylinder

The mono block can be paired with the stainless steel Calitec hot water cylinder, specifically designed for optimal usage, or connected to another heat pump ready hot water cylinder (to be confirmed by plumber). Read more.

Calitec Water Heater WH-70

Calitec Mono Block Water Heater WH70 

Enjoy savings 75% or more!

An average shower of about 7 minutes will cost you about $1 with a standard electric heated hot water cylinder. With our heat pump, you can bring this down to about 25 cents, saving 75% or more on your hot water heating cost. (Based on 40cent/kWh, 40°C mixed water, 71 L water = 7 min. mains pressure shower).

More info about heat pump hot water in New Zealand and if it is suitable your household: check out EECA.


  • High temperature output: Due to its high output temperature, the mono block effectively functions as a water circulating system, solely utilizing efficient heat pump power to heat your hot water cylinder to 60°C.

  • Fast recovery time: With an output power of 5.8 kW, it can heat up 124 litres of water per hour (∆T=40°C). This capacity is twice that of a standard electric heating hot water cylinder.

  • COP of 4.3: This indicates that you receive 5.83 kW of heating power from just 1.36 kW of electric power, resulting in a 77% saving on your water heating costs at 15°C ambient temperature. 

  • Longevity and durability: The stainless steel casing, combined with high-quality parts and materials, ensures durability, making it capable of withstanding the harsh New Zealand environment, even in coastal areas.

  • Dual cylinder heating (Optional): The mono block can heat a second hot water cylinder, such as your ensuite or the kitchen under-bench cylinder.

  • Installation: Can be carried out by a plumber, with minimal assistance from an electrician. Whether you need to heat one or two separate hot water cylinders and whether you choose to locate your cylinder inside or outside.

  • Environmentally friendly: The R290 refrigerant has a Global Warming Potential of only 3 (compared to 675 for R32, 1430 for R134a, or 2088 for R410a refrigerants). Additionally, it performs better at lower ambient temperatures, significantly reducing energy consumption and your carbon footprint.

  • Peace of Mind Warranty: Calitec heat pump units are designed and built using the highest quality parts and are intended to last at least 10-15 years. They are backed by a 5-year warranty on the Mono Block and a 20-year warranty on Calitec hot water cylinders. In the event of any issues that your installer cannot resolve, we provide a replacement unit and facilitate the entire process. For full warranty details, click here.


How does it work?

A water cycle system integrates the heat exchanger within the heat pump outdoor unit, circulating water through the hot water cylinder via a circulation pump.

WH-70 Diagram_2024

The maximum pipe length between the heat pump unit and the cylinder depends on the insulation of these circulation pipes.

Our system operates as an intelligently controlled "set and forget" system, ensuring a reliable hot water supply regardless of weather conditions or time of day. This system boasts significant savings, cutting hot water costs by 75%.


For instance, with an average shower costing about $1, you could save up to 75 cents with every shower. (Based on a calculation of 40 cents per kilowatt-hour, 40°C mixed water, and 71 liters of water, which equates to approximately a 7-minute shower.)

In the event of a heat pump failure, the emergency heating element in the Calitec hot water cylinder can be activated, providing a backup solution.


Heat Pump outdoor unit
Power Supply (V/ph/Hz)
Power input (W)
Max. rated input current (A)
Heating capacity @ 7°C (W)
COP @ 7°C 
Heating capacity @ 15°C (W)
Water production (L/hr) ∆T=40
Water circulation pipe (inch) 
Heat exchanger plate type 
Circulation pump 
Noise (dB)
Max. rated water temp. (°C)
Water-proof grade
Level against electric shock
Operation temp. range (°C)
Netto weight (kg)
Size (WxDxH) (mm)

GEA GHB 400H-26
Greenpro RS15-6 (A)
-10 to 45
1mm 304 SS

CalitecHot Water Shower Tap

Calitec Hot Water Cylinders:

The Mono block can be paired with the stainless steel Calitec hot water cylinder, specifically designed for optimal usage, or connected to another heat pump ready hot water cylinder (to be confirmed by plumber).

Our Calitec hot water cylinders, available in 250 or 300 litres, can be installed either indoors or outdoors. Additionally, we offer cylinders equipped with a built-in coil, suitable for wet back installation or as the heating coil if you decide to upgrade to a central heating system. 

Our Duplex stainless steel hot water cylinders are insulated with Polyurethane Foam and feature a 3 kW electric emergency heater for added peace of mind.

Calitec Hot Water Cylinder

Water Heater WH-70

Mono Block, R290 refrigerant


NZ$ 3,990 

Price incl. GST and delivery in North Island.


Pair the Calitec Mono Block with our compatible Calitec hot water cylinders for optimal performance.

Available in 250 or 300-litre sizes.

Calitec Hot Water Cylinders

250 litres hot water cylinder. Price NZ$ 4,190 

300 litres hot water cylinder. Price NZ$ 4,490

Prices incl. GST and delivery in North Island.

Calitec WH-70 +Hot Water Cylinder

Set price

WH-70 + 250 litres hot water cylinder.
Price NZ$ 7,890 

WH-70 + 300 litres hot water cylinder.

Price NZ$ 8,190

Prices incl. GST and delivery in North Island.


  • North Island free delivery.

  • South Island delivery fee of $ 200.

  • Rural areas might require an extra fee.


Calitec has a network of experienced installers, so we can manage the job from start to finish, or you can organise your own installation with qualified plumbers and electricians. Contact us about details and for a quote.

Disclaimer: The installation of all Calitec systems and products must be done according to local rules and regulations and is solely allowed by qualified tradesmen. Incorrect installation can void (parts of) the warranty.

More technical info

Read our FAQ & Resources pages and our blog for more in-depth information and background.

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