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Looking for innovative solutions to improve your home?

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

If you’re designing a new home, planning a renovation or trying to reduce your household’s costs – now is the perfect time to look for the latest innovative energy solutions for your home.

The perfect place to start is what amounts to 30% to 45% of your power bill – heating hot water!

Every home needs hot water, every day. Heating water is almost always the single biggest user of energy in a home because unlike room heating (often the second biggest user) water heating uses energy all year.

A hot water heat pump system uses innovative technology to provide an environmentally friendly, energy efficient hot water system that will reduce your carbon emissions and living costs every day, every year, for years to come.

Here are some great features of the hot water heat pump worth reading:

- A well designed and installed system uses much less energy than standard electric cylinders.

- Heat pump water heaters can also work in places that aren’t good for solar water heaters - places that get less sun like the south side of hills.

- They can be put on a controlled electricity supply to get a lower electricity price.

- Some heat pump water heating systems can also give you ‘central heating.’ They do this by pumping warm water from the hot water tank around a system of underfloor heating pipes.

- Some other systems can be used to heat a hot tub, spa or swimming pool more cheaply than using an electric heater.

Have a look at how Calitec can help you to make your home more comfortable, and your hot water heating more affordable here

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