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Hot water heating accounts for around 30% of the average household energy bill. Choosing the right system for your needs can make a real difference, especially to your monthly expenses.


Whether you are replacing an existing water heating system, building a new home or just researching your options, we are happy to help. A Calitec hot water heat pump system could be the perfect solution.

These are available in 250 litre and 300 litre stainless steel hot water cylinders, plus other sizes on request. It is PV solar compatible. Wetback option (hot water from wood stove) is also available.

Calitec heat pump hot water system model 300 litre. Wet back options.

Hot Water Heat Pumps

Model - KP-50 300 Litre

Model - KP-50/250L

250 litre system

2/3 person household

250 litre hot water cylinder with a 4 kW heat pump outdoor unit.



System price

NZ$ 5,290 incl. GST

and delivery in North Island

Model - KP-50/300L

300 litre system

4+ person household

300 litre hot water cylinder with a 4 kW heat pump outdoor unit.



System price

NZ$ 5,590 incl. GST

and delivery in North Island

Model - KP-50/300L-OD

300 litre system

with outdoor cylinder

300 litre hot water cylinder with a 4 kW heat pump outdoor unit.



System price

NZ$ 5,790 incl. GST

and delivery in North Island

Model - KP-50/300LW

300 litre system

+ Wetback coil

300 litre hot water cylinder with a 4 kW heat pump outdoor unit.


System price

NZ$ 5,890 incl. GST

and delivery in North Island


  • North Island free delivery.

  • South Island delivery fee of $ 200.

  • Rural areas might require an extra fee.


Calitec has a network of experienced installers, so we can manage the job from start to finish, or you can organise your own installation with qualified plumbers and electricians. Contact us about details and for a quote.

Disclaimer: The installation of all Calitec systems and products must be done according to local rules and regulations and is solely allowed by trained and qualified tradesmen. Incorrect installation can void (parts of) the warranty.

How much will I save?

A hot water heat pump can save you up to 70% of your water heating costs. Every household’s water usage is different so finding good, trustworthy information for your personal situation is important to help you understand all your options.


With electrical, gas, solar or heat pump hot water, there are so many options today. What are the differences and what is the most cost effective and environmentally friendly option for your family?

To find out your total savings it's important to compare the upfront costs (purchase and installation), annual running costs, and lifetime costs of different types of hot water systems.

In many situations a hot water heat pump system will be much more efficient than traditional electric or gas water heaters. Heat pump technology can heat up your hot water cylinder with just 30% of the energy, compared to other systems.


Heat pump technology works day and night, in all seasons and in all weather conditions.

Calitec Hot Water Systems Graph - Comparison 4 showers 2019

This graph above shows the total costs (purchase and power use) for most commonly used water heating methods. Based on 4 showers per day, over a lifetime of 10 years. The upfront costs are the costs to purchase the system and the normal basic installation costs.

Source (2020):

Enjoy savings of up to 70%!

An average shower will cost you around $1*. With our heat pump technology we can heat up your water with 70% less energy - which means that same shower will only cost you 30 cents. 

(* 40 cent/kWh, 40°C mixed water, 71 L water= approx. 7 min. shower)

Calitec Heat Pump Hot Water Systems - Woman in Bath

What makes Calitec so unique?

  • Our robust stainless-steel refrigerant cycling split system is designed with Kiwi homes in mind and is easy to install in both new and existing homes.

  • The heating capacity is almost twice as much as a standard electric heater, ensuring a recovery time twice as fast as usual for your hot water cylinder.

  • Split System Design – maximum flexibility, keeping the outdoor unit out of sight.

  • Intelligently controlled set and forget system.

  • Wet back option for more savings. PV solar compatible.

  • Reliable in all weather and in all seasons.

Eco friendly & long lasting

Is it a ‘green’ system? Yes, we think it is the most economic domestic hot water system currently available in New Zealand.


Why? By using the best materials we are convinced that it is a very long lasting system. That is why our hot water cylinders have a 20 years warranty and the outdoor heat pump unit has a 5 year warranty.

Unlike other heat pump hot water systems where you have to change the complete system, only the outdoor heat pump unit has to be replaced after its expected lifetime of 10 to 15 years. This reduces purchase and installation costs and also reduces the amount of waste. Economic efficiency = ((Purchase & Installation Cost) / Lifetime) + Annual Running Costs.

Other things to consider:

  • To really get the most out of your shower it might be a good time to upgrade your low pressure hot water system to a mains pressure system when you upgrade to a Calitec system.

  • Using less power is not only good for your wallet, it also helps reduce the emissions of harmful greenhouse gases in New Zealand.

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