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How do Hot Water Heat Pumps work?

Great news! Having a hot water heat pump can help your household reduce your electricity cost and your impact on the environment! Find out how below…

What is a Hot Water Heat Pump System?

A hot water heat pump absorbs warmth from surrounding air and transfers it into your water, which is why they are also sometimes referred to as ‘air-source heat pumps’. They operate on electricity but are roughly three times more efficient than a conventional electric water heater, so they can save money and energy while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

How does it work?

Instead of using electricity to directly heat water, like a traditional electric water heater does, a Hot Water Heat Pump System uses electricity to operate a pump that circulates a refrigerant around the system. This refrigerant picks up heat from the air and transfers it to the water. In this way it uses much less electricity to heat water than a traditional electric water heater. It’s like a refrigerator working in reverse!

Make the switch today

Take advantage of our warm New Zealand weather to heat your household’s water at a fraction of the cost to your electricity bill. Our systems are designed with Kiwi homes in mind and are easy to install in both new and existing homes. Contact our team today.

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