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Green building with Homestar

For many years, we have taken pride in being a member of the New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC). The NZGBC represents a collective of over 700 organizations and companies who share the belief that New Zealand requires quality, sustainable buildings. We firmly believe that better buildings lead to healthier and happier Kiwis.

The NZGBC operates the independent Homestar rating tool for new builds. Constructing a Homestar-rated home not only contributes to a healthier living environment but also ensures a home that is warmer, drier, and more environmentally friendly than a similar home built to the minimum standards of the New Zealand Building Code.

Calitec heat pump hot water systems provide Homestar credits due to their exceptional energy efficiency, low running costs, and their contribution to reducing our carbon footprint. Calitec has collaborated with the consultancy firm EnviroSpec. As a result, we are listed as a Homestar Product in the EnviroSpec database, providing detailed documentation that is readily available for download for Homestar Assessors, Group Builders, Green Building Councils and Authorities.

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