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Enjoy the Benefits of

Heat Pump Hot Water

Save up

to 70% on

your hot water

Find out your savings


How many showers are taken in your home each year?

With your current electric or gas system one shower costs you $1.  The Calitec Hot Water System will reduce this to 30 cents.


​​Water heating in our homes accounts a large portion of our power bill. Our system is a new, energy efficient and cost saving way of heating your water. Calitec uses refrigerant cycling split system heat pump technology and works using the same principle as an air conditioning unit or refrigerator. With an outside heat pump compressor unit and a stainless steel hot water cylinder, which fits inside your standard hot water cup board.

This means our system is the perfect alternative for your existing electric or gas headed hot water cylinder. Or when you building new, for your gas califont or solar hot water panels. Find out how much you can save on this Page.

Our system is designed with Kiwi homes in mind.

Calitec is the only supplier of refrigerant split system (RSS) hot water heaters in New Zealand. Our systems are easy to install in both new and existing homes. The total length of the refrigerant pipes is up to 20 meters which means greater flexibility when it comes to deciding where to place your heat pump compressor.

How does it work?

The Calitec system is a refrigerant cycling split system with an outside heat pump compressor unit and a stainless steel hot water cylinder, which fits inside your standard hot water cupboard. 

Ambient free energy from the atmosphere is captured and transferred in a refrigerant gas. The heat of this gas is released in the coil inside the cylinder where it warms up the water, day and night, under all seasons and weather conditions.

​Calitec Hot Water Systems are fully certificated and are provided with a 5 year warranty on the heat pump compressor unit and 20 year warranty on the stainless steel water cylinder, if installed through the qualified installer network.

  • The Calitec system saves you up to 70% of your hot water costs. With every shower you save 70 cents. 

  • The heating capacity is more than a standard electric heater meaning the re-heat time of your cylinder is much faster (and uses less power).

  • The high quality Stainless Steel Hot Water Cylinder is fully insulated with Poly Urethane foam, the best insulation material currently available.

  • The Hot Water Cylinder is supplied with an electric back-up heater, so even when the unexpected arises, you never run out of hot water.

  • The outside heat pump compressor unit contains the best available heat pump parts. It provides a reliable hot water supply in any weather and any time of the day. It has a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years. After its lifetime you only need to replace the compressor unit, not the whole system. 

Other things to think about:
  • It might be a good time to upgrade your low pressure hot water system to a mains pressure system when you upgrade to a Calitec Split System to really get the most out of your shower.

  • Using less power is not only good for your wallet it also helps to reduce the emissions of harmful greenhouse gases in New Zealand.

Calitec Hot Water Systems are an energy efficient,  
cost saving and environmentally friendly way of
heating your household water.