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Enjoy the Benefits of

Heat Pump Hot Water

Save up

to 70% on

your hot water

Find out your savings


How many showers are taken in your home each year?

With your current electric or gas system one shower costs you $1.  The Calitec Hot Water System will reduce this to 30 cents.


Our Calitec heat pump hot water system is an energy efficient and cost saving way of heating your water. Designed with Kiwi homes in mind and easy to install in both new and existing homes.

Why Calitec?

Hot water heating accounts for around 30% of the average household energy bill. So, to find out your total savings you have to compare the upfront costs (purchase and installation), annual running costs, and lifetime costs of different types of hot water systems. 

Choosing the right system for your needs can make a real difference, especially on your wallet. Whether you are replacing an existing water heating system, building a new home, or just doing some research, we are happy to guide you. Our Calitec system could be the perfect alternative.


​Calitec Hot Water Systems are fully certificated and are provided with a 5 year warranty on the heat pump compressor unit and 20 year warranty on the stainless steel water cylinder, if installed through the qualified installer network.

  • The Calitec System is a refrigerant cycle split system. The outdoor unit pumps its refrigerant trough a coil inside the hot water cylinder, where the heat is released and the water heated. The maximum pipe length of 20 meters between the outdoor unit and hot water cylinder gives you a great flexibility to place the outdoor unit out of sight.

  • Intelligently controlled set and forget system. It provides a reliable hot water supply in any weather and any time of the day.

  • The Calitec system saves you up to 70% of your hot water costs. As a normal standard single shower cost about 1$, you save up to 70 cents with every shower.

  • The heating capacity is more than a standard electric heater, ensuring a much faster recovery time of your hot water cylinder (and uses less power).

  • Our high quality stainless steel hot water cylinders are fully insulated with Polyurethane foam.

  • However, made of the best parts available, everything has an end of life. Our outdoor unit is no exception. After it’s expected lifetime of 10 to 15 years you might have to replace the outdoor unit. So no need to replace the whole system. 

  • 5 year warranty on outdoor unit and 20 year warranty on the hot water cylinder. 

  • Tested with NZ Technology Certificates.

Other things to think about:
  • To really get the most out of your shower it might be a good time to upgrade your low pressure hot water system to a mains pressure system when you upgrade to a Calitec system. 

  • Using less power is not only good for your wallet, it also helps to reduce the emissions of harmful greenhouse gases in New Zealand.

  • Available in 200 litre and 300 litre stainless steel hot water cylinders. Other sizes on request. Wet back options for the 300 litre cylinder available. 

Eco-friendly & long lasting 

We claim it is the most economic domestic hot water system currently available in New Zealand.


Why? By the energy saving. And by using the best materials we made it a very long lasting, high quality system. Our hot water cylinders have a warranty of 20 years and the outdoor heat pump unit has a warranty of 5 years. 


Calitec Hot Water Systems are an energy efficient,  
cost saving and environmentally friendly way of
heating your household water.