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Calitec, the logical choice

Innovative, sustainable, long lasting energy solutions for your home and business.

20 year guarantee

Stainless steel hot water cylinder

Hot Water

Calitec Hot Water Systems Model 300 litre. Wet back options.
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 Domestic hot water heating systems
Hydronic home heating/cooling systems
Heat pumps and air conditioning

Calitec Heat Pump Hot Water Systems - Woman in Bath

Hot Water Heat Pumps
for Homes

Our Calitec hot water heat pump systems offer an energy efficient and cost saving way to heat your water. These systems are designed with Kiwi homes in mind and are easy to install in both new and existing homes.

Calitec Hydronic Home System Heat Pump

Hydronic Home
Heating/Cooling System

The Hydronic Home System offers a single
system to heat and cool your entire home,
as well as heating your hot water. The Hydronic Home System can be directly connected to your radiator, underfloor or fan coil circuit.



Calitec is always developing new products based on efficient heat pump technology.

More info coming soon.

Heat Pumps &
Air Conditioning

Heat pumps are the most energy efficient way of heating your home. We offer honest advice to help you choose the best option for your home, and budget. Calitec is an accredited Panasonic dealer in the Whangarei district.

Calitec heat pumps and airconditioning, Panasonic, Whangarei
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