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Heat pumps are the most energy efficient way for keeping warm in winter and cool in summer.

We know that choosing a heat pump can be challenging, with many options to choose from. If you are looking for durability, quality and excellence from a reliable brand at a fair price, then you should consider the advantages of Panasonic heat pumps. Contact us for advice and very competitive prices.

Established in 2008, Calitec (back then under Daylight Solutions Ltd.) is a professional and experienced heat pump supplier and installer in the Whangarei district. We are proud to be an accredited dealer of Panasonic heat pumps and we are happy to advise you. 


What is the right heat pump for me?

Choosing the right model and size is very important and we always recommend a site visit because every home and office is different. Most online calculation models are based on average households with the average building structure, windows size, insulation etc. This will give you an idea of the costs and savings, but we find it's always better to have an accurate assessment based on your unique situation, so you understand the best option for you.

If you install a heat pump that is too large or too small, it won't function at its optimum level, which results in wasted energy. For example if your model is too small, in winter your heat pump would frequently be in defrost mode and therefore not heating your home at all. When your model is too large it won't work as an inverter during the spring and autumn months because the minimum output is too high, and thus using a lot more power than necessary.  

We will assess your needs with you and recommend the best system for your home, providing an instant and accurate installation quote to help with your planning. Contact us now.

Why Panasonic? 

From our many years in the industry, we know that the price and quality rating of Panasonic products in excellent. Panasonic products are manufactured to high quality manufacturing standards to ensure years of reliable comfort, and we fully endorse their reliability by offering a full 5 year parts and labour warranty.

One advantage with the Panasonic heat pump is the remote control display, which is clear and easy to use. It has straightforward settings showing the mode setting (HEAT, COOL, DRY, FAN or AUTO), while other brands often use tiny icons and settings which can be confusing and hard to understand.

The Panasonic guarantee and customer service is very reliable and customer focused, but we find that because the products are of such high quality, customers rarely ever need their servicing support. 


We can supply and install any model in the entire Panasonic heat pump range. Below is our Calitec price list showing the most popular heat pumps from the Panasonic range. We also ensure you receive any discounts or promotions from Panasonic.  If you're interested in the full range, plus their technical specifications, you can find them on the Panasonic website.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a advice or an obligation free quote for any Panasonic heat pump model. Prices are due to be reviewed in July 2020.

WiFi options 

All recent Panasonic models have the option to control your heat pump by your smartphone or voice control with Google Home or Amazon's Alexa. However, you will need a built in Wi-Fi adaptor in your heat pump - find out more here.  The Calitec price for this service is $155 incl. GST.


Price list

Including GST, excluding installation.

AERO VKR Series - Highwall Models

Premium highwall INVERTER Heat Pump series, the AERO VKR Series combines slim design and cutting-edge technology. Featuring nanoeX, INVERTER, AEROWINGS, i-AutoX.

Smaller rooms (indoor unit size: 295 x 919 x 194mm):


Cooling 2.0 kW

Heating 2.7 kW

More specifications

Calitec price $1,250 incl. GST


Cooling 2.5 kW

Heating 3.2 kW

More specifications

Calitec price $1,315 incl. GST


Cooling 3.5 kW

Heating 4.3 kW

More specifications

Calitec price $1,485 incl. GST


Cooling 4.2 kW

Heating 5.1 kW

More specifications

Calitec price $1,695 incl. GST

Larger rooms (indoor unit size: 302 x 1.120 x 236mm):


Cooling 5.0 kW

Heating 6.0 kW

More specifications

Calitec price $1,855 incl. GST


Cooling 6.0 kW

Heating 7.2 kW

More specifications

Calitec price $2,300 incl. GST


Cooling 7.1 kW

Heating 8.0 kW

More specifications

Calitec price $2,625 incl. GST


Cooling 8.0 kW

Heating 9.0 kW

More specifications

Calitec price $2,975 incl. GST

Floor Mounted Consoles - Premier Series

Panasonic Premier Series Floor Consoles are designed utilising the latest R32 technology for exceptional efficiency. They are environmentally friendly, stylish and discreet with optimum airflow, nanoe X and super quiet technology.

Indoor unit size: 600 x 750 x 207mm


Cooling 2.5 kW

Heating 3.4 kW

More specifications

Calitec price $2,050 incl. GST


Cooling 3.5 kW

Heating 4.3 kW

More specifications

Calitec price $2,225 incl. GST


Cooling 5.0 kW

Heating 5.6 kW

More specifications

Calitec price $2,600 incl. GST

Developer - Highwall Series

This new range of Highwall heat pumps keep your home fresh and clean. It is a basic heat pump with all the normal features such as: Air conditioning, Heating, Cooling, Drying (dehumidifying) and Fan but without all the bells and whistles. Commonly used as a cheaper option for low occupation rooms or rental homes.

Smaller rooms


Cooling 2.5 kW

Heating 3.0 kW

More specifications

Calitec price $1,180 incl. GST


Cooling 3.5 kW

Heating 3.7 kW

More specifications

Calitec price $1,330 incl. GST


Cooling 4.2 kW

Heating 5.1 kW

More specifications

Calitec price $1,500 incl. GST

Larger rooms


Cooling 5.0 kW

Heating 5.8 kW

More specifications

Calitec price $1,665 incl. GST


Cooling 6.0 kW

Heating 6.5 kW

More specifications

Calitec price $2,055 incl. GST


Cooling 7.1 kW

Heating 7.5 kW

More specifications

Calitec price $2,365 incl. GST


Cooling 8.0 kW

Heating 9.0 kW

More specifications

Calitec price $2,675 incl. GST


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