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Heat pump hot water is a more energy efficient and economical way to heat water than standard electric or gas cylinders. With heat pump technology, you can save your household up to 70% of water heating costs - which usually makes up 30%-45% of our power bill.

What makes Calitec different?

Our split system is designed with Kiwi homes in mind and is easy to install in both new and existing homes. It provides maximum flexibility, with the compressor outdoor unit and the hot water cylinder generally inside, although the cylinder can be located outside as well.

It works on the same principle as an air conditioner or a refrigerator, extracting ambient free energy from the atmosphere and transferring it into the refrigerant gas. This gas is compressed to a liquid in the heating coil inside the stainless steel hot water cylinder, thus heating up the water.


The pipe length between the outdoor unit and hot water cylinder (up to 20 metres) gives you plenty of flexibility to place the outdoor unit out of sight.

The heating capacity of a hot water heat pump system is almost twice as much as a standard electric heater, meaning it takes just half the time of a standard hot water cylinder to recover or reheat.


The Calitec system is an intelligently controlled set-and-forget system. It provides a reliable hot water supply in any weather and any time of the day.


Designed specifically for New Zealand conditions, the Calitec system is built using high quality parts, and is designed to be eco friendly and long lasting. Our stainless steel hot water cylinders are fully insulated with Polyurethane Foam and come with a 20 year warranty, along with a 5 year warranty on the outdoor unit.

Proven and reliable

The Calitec Hot Water System is our own New Zealand brand and specially redesigned with Kiwi homes in mind. We source products from well-known manufacturers who have been producing hot water heat pumps for more than 15 years and who are dedicated to making the best quality products.

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Every household’s water usage is different so it's important to understand all your options and gather good information based on your personal situation.​

With electrical, gas, solar or heat pump hot water, there are so many options today. What are the differences and what is the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly option for your family?

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Our Calitec hot water heat pump systems offer an energy-efficient and cost-saving way to heat your water. These systems are designed with Kiwi homes in mind and are easy to install in both new and existing homes.


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