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High-temperature heat pump hot water technology for the dairy industry 

Calitec Hot Water Systems & Dairy Hot Water Cylinders are an energy efficient, cost saving and environmentally friendly way of heating your hot water in the dairy shed.


Heat pump hot water systems and dairy cylinders 

Hot water heating accounts for a great deal of the dairy shed’s energy use. So it makes sense to choose an energy efficient and economical hot water system that is reliable in all New Zealand weather conditions.


On average the daily hot water consumption in a dairy shed is between 300 to 900 litres. With 900 litres the annual energy cost is about $8,000. Heat pump and solar hot water can bring the costs down by at least 50%, compared to standard electric heating. With ever increasing energy prices, it is well worth investing in an energy efficient and economical system as an alternative to electric or gas.

The Calitec high-temperature heat pump hot water system is a mono-block system with the heat exchanger built inside the stainless steel case. This system heats up the water by circulation pipes to and from your water cylinder. 


The system is compatible with solar hot water heating options. One heat pump can heat up multiple cylinders

Heat pump compressor:

  • Heats up to 80 °C, adjustable between 40 to 80 °C.

  • Highly efficient, average energy savings over 50%.

  • High quality: robust stainless steel case, stainless steel heat exchanger (titanium heat exchanger on request), Copeland compressor, R134a refrigerant. 

  • Warranty: 5 years.


Dairy hot water cylinder:

  • Capacity range: 300 – 400 – 500 litres. Other sizes on request.

  • Made of 1.5mm duplex stainless steel (2205) inner tank, 50 mm poly urethane foam insulation and a 0.5mm stainless steel (304) outer shell.

  • Built-in 2x 3kW standard electric heater with thermostat for back-up heating.

  • 22mm inside coil for solar hot water options.

  • Sight glass options.

  • Suitable for most water standards and conditions.

  • Warranty: 15 years on inner tank, 1 year on electric heaters.

Warranty: All Calitec systems and cylinders must be installed by qualified installers in accordance with all relevant building codes and NZ standards.

Calitec modular system

The Calitec Dairy Hot Water System is a modular system. The cylinders are equipped with circulation ports for heat pump heating and an inside coil for solar heating. Of course, the system may also rely on some traditional electric elements for back-up heating. We can design the most economic system for every size farm. Contact us for more info and pricing.